New “Macro Monday” Blog is online! / Il “Blog Macro del Lunedì” è online!

My dearest friends, finally I made it and am online with the new blog!
If you are interested in healthy recipes and look macrobiotic lifestyle follow me there too, I will be posting on Monday there and keep on with bread recipes and all sort on this blog.
Here is the link to the first post, a recipe for Liquorice Oat Milk:
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Il “Blog Macro del Lunedì” è online!

Cari amici, finalmente eccomi online con il nuovo blog!
Se siete interessati a scoprire nuove salutari ricette oppure siete curiosi di saperne di più sullo stile di vita macrobiotico potete seguirmi anche lì, dove posterò di lunedì mentre il venerdì rimarrà il giorno fisso per i post di pane e affini su questo blog.
Qua trovate il primo post con la ricetta per fare un latte di avena aromatizzato alla liquirizia:
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Living on my own: Brown rice, lentils and red cabbage / Living on my own: Riso integrale, lenticchie e cavolo rosso

riso integrale cavolo rosso lenticchie 1

From this month onwards, slowly and not in too categorical way, my blog will adapt to a new lifestyle I find myself forced to adopt due to health reasons. Many things will be banned from my kitchen, some of which are not such a big deal (such as red meat, that I already eat very rarely), and others that will be very difficult to accept and implement (cheese and dairy products, and most shockingly baked goods). Despite the general ban on leavened and baked goods I will continue to post recipes for bread and the like, which will be put to the scrutiny of my faithful guinea pigs. Stopping my kneading routine? No sir! I will not deny that right now, as I am typing on the keyboard my mood is anything but positive. While recognizing that a change is necessary acceptance is still very far from my landscape. Funnily enough this recipe, which I had cooked a little before knowing about this major change, aligns itself very well to the diet I will have follow probably for the rest of my life (even thought some occasional transgression will surely occur). Sure a change of diet doesn’t mean I won’t be having good food and this recipe is proof. But let us read more about the beneficial properties of the ingredients employed in this recipe. Continue reading / Continua a leggere…

Living on my own: Spelt and spicy eggplant salad / Living on my own: Insalata di farro e melanzana speziata

farro 1

And here we are for the second episode of my new blog section, Living on my own, which collects simple, healthy and fast recipes especially thought for people who like me live alone and want to have a varied diet without having to spend too much time at the stove. This time the main ingredient is spelt, one of the most ancient type of wheat which has been in use in the human diet since the Neolithic times. Spelt is low in fat, rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and iron. It is also one of the less caloric type of wheat, in short, it is a very healthy alternative to the usual pasta dish. The eggplant, a vegetable originally from India, is distinguished by its slightly spicy flavor and a soft pulp which contrasts with the crispiness of the skin. Its flavor goes well with sumac, a spice very much in use in Middle Eastern cuisine which has a light sour taste (slightly lemony). It will take you very little to make this simple but tasty dish, you will not be disappointed I promise! Continue reading / Continua a leggere…