Living On My Own: Green Beans, Celeriac and Feta Tart / Living On My Own: Torta fagiolini, sedano rapa e feta

torta cannellini 1

Here we go again with the Living On My Own column with it’s easy and fast recipes. This recipe is the closest you can get to an Ikea table (at least the table is one of the few furniture pieces we are all able to assemble on our own, isn’t it?). The main ingredients are simply boiled, blended together and poured into a ready to bake tart dough, easy peasy! Continue reading / Continua a leggere…


Living on my own: Spelt and spicy eggplant salad / Living on my own: Insalata di farro e melanzana speziata

farro 1

And here we are for the second episode of my new blog section, Living on my own, which collects simple, healthy and fast recipes especially thought for people who like me live alone and want to have a varied diet without having to spend too much time at the stove. This time the main ingredient is spelt, one of the most ancient type of wheat which has been in use in the human diet since the Neolithic times. Spelt is low in fat, rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and iron. It is also one of the less caloric type of wheat, in short, it is a very healthy alternative to the usual pasta dish. The eggplant, a vegetable originally from India, is distinguished by its slightly spicy flavor and a soft pulp which contrasts with the crispiness of the skin. Its flavor goes well with sumac, a spice very much in use in Middle Eastern cuisine which has a light sour taste (slightly lemony). It will take you very little to make this simple but tasty dish, you will not be disappointed I promise! Continue reading / Continua a leggere…

Living on my own: Vegetable and Spices Latkes / Living on my own: Latkes di verdure speziati

latkes 1

A food blogger eats consciously: five a day, proper amount of protein, an eye on carbs just not to over do it, even if bread baking obsessed. Reasonably a food blogger does not smoke, the tongue is a special tool that must be quite respected. I have been recently told so, as the urge for a cigarette hit me and I simply asked one to the quite shocked interlocutor. “Never I had thought you’d smoked, isn’t it bad for your sense of taste?”. Well I do not smoke that much, simply it’s hard to resist the sensual and tempting aroma when someone around me is dragging on a fag. And besides I hate clichés. Continue reading / Continua a leggere…