Brioche obsession and Chocolate Babka / L’ossessione per la brioche e la Babka al cioccolato


Lately brioche has been the queen of my kitchen. It all started with italian facebook baking groups raving about this russian flower and the endless posting of pictures, videos and blog posts. I’m not usually inclined to follow trends, but admit the shape was so gorgeous I couldn’t help myself. And having friends around for dinner is always a great excuse, isn’t it?

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A celestial wreath and some secrets / Una angelica ghirlanda e qualche segreto


Not long ago, as you all know my blog is fairly young, la Greg commented on some of my first pics on Instagram. She was so fascinated by the wreath she asked me if I was to bake one sooner or later and making a post out of it. Continue reading / Continua a leggere…