Sourdough Braided Butter Bread / Treccine al lievito madre

treccine 1

About my family’s traditional Sunday breakfast with braided butter bread I already wrote in this post. That recipe, however, required instant yeast, and finally I decided to elaborate a sourdough friendly version of this swiss bread, and my expectations have not been disappointed. Soft, fragrant, a bread to be eaten sliced or slowly “unravelled” (yes, my usual habit of “unraveling” food!) these braids are perfect for people who, like me, live alone. Continue reading / Continua a leggere…


Braided Butter Bread / Treccia al burro


Braided Butter Bread, Sunday breakfast’s favourite. As a child this rich and soft bread would appear on our table only on the seventh day of the week and was to be enjoyed with a thin layer of butter and a sweet homemade jam. Continue reading / Continua a leggere…