“Cuochi d’artificio”: Alice in Wonderland / “Cuochi d’artificio”: Alice nel Paese delle Meraviglie

alice in wonderland 1

Last year she turned 150, and I can say I was there celebrating her birthday having participated to the gorgeous Dinner in Wonderland organized by my dear friend Antonella. It’s Alice Liddell, the famous protagonist of “Alice in Wonderland”, one of the most famous children book ever written and the theme chosen for this episode of “Cuochi d’artificio”.
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Childhood’s fav: ”A Tale of Plastic Bread / Memorie d’infanzia: “Pane di Plastica”


They are locked in everyone’s memory. In the most secret recesses of one’s mind here they lie, soft and sweet, our childhood’s favourite meal or just one magic ingredient. Romantic candy floss, sticky caramel mou sweets, grandma’s special pasta sauce, mummy’s comforting meatballs, pick what you may but you cannot run and you cannot hide. Continue reading / Continua a leggere…