Michela’s cazzottini buns / I cazzottini di Michela

cazzottini 1

It was April when finally my blog and facebook friend Michela and I met. A friendship born out of luck onto the pages of Panissimo‘s facebook group. Something immediately clicked between us, and as we always say we found each other like two little dough balls originating from the same mixture. She flew from Rome with a small trolley bag full of little presents and her addictive laughter. Amongst her presents she took two little packages of flour. One was the renomated Senatore Cappelli, which I had read so many raving reviews about. Continue reading / Continua a leggere…


Panissimo February: Ticinese bread / Panissimo Febbraio: Pane alla ticinese

pane-ticinese 1

Panissimo’s theme for this month was regional breads. As soon as I read Sandra’s post I knew I would be baking pane alla ticinese, one my favourite breads as a kid. Funnily enough my first article for Azione was about this special kind of bread, a thing which brought back to mind many colourful memories about my childhood and the afternoon snack I used to eat with my friends: bread and chocolate. Continue reading / Continua a leggere…

Maroggia’s Mill Cookbook: Aniseed, White Chocolate and Lime Zest Grissini / Il Ricettario del Mulino di Maroggia: Grissini all’anice, cioccolato bianco e scorza di lime

grissini mulino

It’s already the third appointment with the Mill’s Cookbook, time does fly quick doesn’t it? This recipe is one that has been lying around for a long time, just as an idea, on my recipe notebook. No better chance to put it to practice and see whether the flavour combination would work or not, and hell it works! Continue reading / Continua a leggere…