Twelve Loaves August: Basil Buns / Twelve Loaves Agosto: Panini al basilico

panini basilico 1

And we’re back with the monthly appointment with Twelve Loaves, one of my favourite collections of bread. In August the theme we were given was that of herbs. I immediately thought of making a dough with a high concentration of basil, a Hulk dough that would lend perfectly itself to a weird project that I have been having in mind for some time. This project was inspired to me by a person whom I respect very much. Among the people I have been following for years, and who I’ve also had the great pleasure of meeting personally, is a talented photographer and art director who works in Milan. Continue reading / Continua a leggere…

Panissimo: Bao Bunnies filled with Greeen Azuki / Panissimo: Coniglietti di pane al vapore ripieni di marmellata di azuki verdi

Bunny Bao doppia

Panissimo is back, and it’s monthly theme too. As for March Easter is all the rave. In fact it’s all over blogs, Facebook groups and forums. Since I didn’t want to post the same recipe for different event/recipe collections this time around I decided to shift to something not too much complicated and fun for Panissimo’s post.
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