Copenhagen / Copenaghen


Copenhagen city view from the Rundetaarn / Vista della città dalla Rundetaarn

As promised, I am back on the blog today. No new recipe but a little review of the city of Copenhagen, which I had the pleasure to visit on my holidays. Needless to say, back from vacation I am more tired and bruised than when I left (but I will talk about it later in the post), but happy with the fact that I finally made it to go on this trip. Several things about the city struck me. Continue reading / Continua a leggere…

Holidays+Fridge=Apple & Red Berries Curd / Vacanze+Frigo=Curd di Mele e Ribes


Sometimes I do miss my old self. Planning my holidays in every single detail, bagagge accurately packed two to three days before. Everything under control. Not anymore. Improvising has become part of my daily life…and I must say quite to my delight. Having no schemes and schedules (ok not so many schemes and schedules, I still need some!) provides me with unpredictable tasks, problems to solve, in one word: excitement. Continue reading / Continua a leggere…