From the book “Dolci Regali”: Estonian Kringel / Dal libro “Dolci Regali”: Estonian Kringel

Estonian Kringel 1

My passion for MTChallenge’s monthly appointment is well known to all of you. Even macrobiotic diet hasn’t stopped me, even thought I had to drop the last challenge. There is no way to get me out of the most challenging and fun food bloggers’ challenge in the web. I just love that feeling of anticipation waiting for the announcement of the winning recipe and the following days, waiting to know what will be the next challenge. I learned so much, certainly not enough, and enjoy it very much. Needless to say when the book “Dolci Regali” came out I didn’t waste a minute and bought several copies of the book, one for me and the other for friends and family members. Anyone obsessed with home baking should get a copy. Each page is full of wonder, inspiration and valuable information.
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Dolci Regali, MTC’s third book is here! / Dolci Regali, finalmente il terzo libro della collana dell’MTC!


I don’t know about you but to me Christmas is a source of massive headaches and late races to purchase gifts. Not to mention gift wrapping and greeting cards, people who know me well are aware of my habit of wrapping presents in old newspapers, which I love to scribble with stupid doodles and vaguely punk collages. This year I won’t miss the opportunity to buy this wonderful volume for some of my friends and family members. “Dolci Regali” is the third book of MTC’s book series, which was born a year ago “L’ora del paté”. With such a title (Dolci means Sweet and Regali has two meanings, gift and royal) there’s no better choice for a Christmas gift, isn’t it? As in the book series’ dna this volume focuses on a very specific topic, exploring a period of time between the late seventeenth and early nineteenth century, which saw the rise and triumph of pastry, with the birth and development of leavened sweet breads starting from the mythical babà. Continue reading / Continua a leggere…