Foolproof family recipes: My Aunt Luciana’s aniseed biscuits / Ricette infallibili: Le ciambelline all’anice della zia Luciana


There are recipes that never turn out wrong. Fail safe, tested over many years by grandmothers, mothers, aunts and family friends, they never disappoint. These small wonders are the result of years of testing, a sense of balance and innate culinary mathematics learned through repetition of everyday tasks in the kitchen. Gestures coming from a time when there were no Barilla nor McVities (and therefore no concept of boycott) but mothers who would create recipes for everyday meals, holidays and special occasions. Continue reading / Continua a leggere…


Aniseed, candied peel and almond meal all-flours-in bread / Pane mille farine con anice, arancia candita e farina di mandorle


Sometimes you just feel too lazy to check in the pantry or to go groceries…but not for baking. In these occasions it often occurs you are short on ingredients, especially those you keep seeing hanging around but never use. This is what happened to me last week, I was craving to bake a bread with licorice in the dough and remembered a small tin box that my mum keeps in a cupboard in the kitchen (I’m at my parent’s place garden sitting). She always did, since I was a child. Well…probably something changed because there was no trace of licorice candies in any corner of the kitchen, let alone in the other rooms of the house. Continue reading / Continua a leggere…