Holiday! The blog is closed until the 18th of August! / Vacanze! Il blog riapre il 18 di Agosto!


I admit it, when my boss told me she would close the shop the first two weeks of August my first thought was: “Cool, I can work two full weeks on the blog!”. Luckily after of a few days of this ongoing thought I realized how much a proper break was needed and decided to book a trip. I’ll let you guess where I am going! See you on the 18th of August (though I fear you’ll all be on holiday!).

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My first foodblogging event: Food Blogger Connect ’14, London / Il mio primo evento dedicato ai foodblogger: Food Blogger Connect ’14, Londra

Two weeks. Two weeks have passed quickly since I returned from London, where attended the “Food Bloggers Connect” conference which has gathered food bloggers from all around the world. Rossella poked me the day after my return, asking me my impressions and I must apologize to her for coming so late with a post. But on my return a fresh new nephew was waiting for me along with some freelance work deadlines, not to mention the long recovery due after my “energy draining” four days in London. Add as well the titanic “Piada Menu” project and it will be quite clear to you that I needed some time to take a long breath of fresh air, sleep 8 hours against the usual 6 hours and get back on track fit and full of good intentions. Here I am, fresh as an English rose to tell you all about my adventure in London. Continue reading / Continua a leggere…

Maria’s Spiced Cauliflower Flan / Lo sformato al cavolfiore e spezie di Maria

sformato 1

Since the 4th of December, when I started working part time at a goldsmith shop, my weeks have been quite hectic. Recipes and blog post scheduling, the weekly appointment with Wing Chun training, trying to be present on my usual social networks and fitting in multiple appointments hasn’t been easy. Let’s add my Panettone Obsession and the picture is quite clear. But chaos is my element, stress has always been my cup of tea (or loaf of bread) and even though feeling a bit tired I wouldn’t change a single thing. Continue reading / Continua a leggere…

Versatile Blogger Award

Today yours truly tecno-incompetent blogger was awarded with the “Versatile Blogger Award” by Elly, aka Ovosodocook. Obviously I had no clue what this was about and had to go and check informations about it. Yes I do live on a different planet! Being awarded means I “have to” award other blogs which I follow and love. If any of you that have been nominated by me do not feel comfortable with this kind of “chain letter award” please feel free to delete my post on your blog and not award anyone. I fully understand that this could bother someone (oh lord another chain letter thing) and to me there is nothing mre important in life than respectiong other people opinions. If you do not respond I won’t feel offended at all. Here you go, the ones I chose for their talent, passion and enthusiasm for sharing their knowledges and skills:

Oggi la vostra amica tecno-incompetente (si proprio io!) ha ricevuto un award, il “Versatile Blogger Award”, da una fellow blogger che si chiama Elly di Ovosodocook. Ovviamente chi mi conosce personalmente si immaginerà la mia faccia a punto di domanda. Mi sono subito attivata per scoprire di cosa si tratta. Si, lo so, vivo su un altro pianeta! Avendo ricevuto questo award “devo” conferirlo ad altri blog che seguo con continuità e di cui apprezzo contenuti e qualità. Eccoli qua, coloro che seguo un po’ in modalità stalker. Chiaramente se qualcuno di voi nominati non avesse voglia di proseguire nel nominare e portare avanti questa cosa non fatelo. Capisco che ad alcuni possa dare noia questo tipo di cosa strutturata come le catene postali (che odio profondamente) a me sembra un’iniziativa carina e mi fa piacere ma certo non mi offenderò se riterrete opportuno cancellare il mio commento con il link e non proseguire attribuendo l’award. Il rispetto per le opinioni altrui é la cosa che mi sta più a cuore. Ed eccoli qui i miei awarded blogs, perché hanno talento, passione e condividono con entusiasmo le proprie esperienze e conoscenze: