Cuochi d’artificio: “Messy Spring Frisella” / Cuochi d’artificio: “Frisella primaverile pasticciata”

Frisella primaverile pasticciata

It was a long wait…the first weeks of April showering with rain and confusing us with it’s sudden meteorological moods switching from cold autumnal temperatures to sunny days, but finally Spring is here to delight us with it’s sunny and mild climate. To greet the coming of Spring I thought up this simple recipe which I presented on my last recording at “Cuochi d’artificio”. The theme of the episode was “Mess”.

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Stale bread? French toast! / Pane secco? Colazione gustosa!


I must admit it, sometimes I get carried away. Last weekend some friends came over for breakfast and I overbaked. Not only they had a go at my latest millefeuille experiment, I also baked some brioches, an experimental bread (regretfully chucked away…a failure!) and four baguettes. Continue reading / Continua a leggere…

Twelve Loaves: an indian midsummer dream / Twelve Loaves: sogno di una notte indiana di mezz’estate


Shortly after my blog came to life I started looking around for contests to get me going and push my boundaries. If I do not set myself goals I can be quite lazy, so this was a very wise idea. I’d already stumbled into Rossella’s blog previously so I started following her blog, which has very interesting recipes, and I came across the bread baking challenge “Twelve Loaves”. Continue reading / Continua a leggere…


Dill and Lemon Baguette / Baguette all’Aneto e Limone

IMG_3518Defiant of the terrible heat wave that hit Europe I brandish my dough scraper and declare “Baguette baking day”! Who doesn’t love a bit of baguette, or maybe it would be more correct to say a whole loaf since it’s addictive properties? I dare anyone to say they can eat just a little piece without going through all the stick. Continue reading / Continua a leggere…