My heart belongs to Genoa. Sourdoug Surprises: Focaccia with pickled artichokes, red cabbage and anchovies / Il cuore a Genova, una focaccia alla crema di carciofi, cavolo rosso e acciughe per l’amore della mia vita

focaccia 1

Focaccia, Genoa’s most famous bread, is this month’s Sourdough Surprises theme. Genoa has adopted me for little less than a year back in 2006, and still is the city I consider my true home. Continue reading / Continua a leggere…

Maroggia’s Mill Cookbook: Trapizzino, my way / Il Ricettario del Mulino di Maroggia: Trapizzino a modo mio


Here we are with our usual appointment with Maroggia’s Mill. This time it Alessandro was the one suggesting the recipe to try out: trapizzino. Stefano Callegari is the inventor of Trapizzino, a triangle of pizza-like dough with a soft crumb and crisp crust stuffed with all things good. A bread pocket which can be filled with whatever you like the most and is just the right size for a little snack or a quick lunch on the go. The inspiration for my own version came from this interview which is accompanied by the original recipe. Since not everyone keeps sourdough at home I decided to solve this problem by making a preferment. The dough is super soft and the bread can be filled with everything, even runny sauces, as in fact is done in Trapizzino’s shops around Rome. Why not organize a nice picnic outdoors with your friends? You can bring your trapizzini already cut in the centre and ready to be filled, along with tupperwares of various foods and sauces to personalize your trapizzino, isn’t it brilliant?
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Maroggia’s Mill Cookbook: Coffee and caraway seeds bread / Il Ricettario del Mulino di Maroggia: Pane al caffé e semi di cumino

Coffee and caraway seeds bread, Pane al caffé e semi di cumino 1

What makes a loaf special? Is it the crust, thick and evenly browned under proper blazing heat or is it a balanced crumb, pillowy soft and moist? Is there anything that can beat up a plain rustic loaf made with water, flour, salt and any leaven agent of choice, simply shaped? Probably not. But what would be of the art of baking if early bakers would have been content with just their first attempts at baking bread? We would be missing on gorgeous brioche doughs, on aromatic fougasses, on crispy yet chewy focaccia. We wouldn’t be eating beetroot flavoured bread, pain au chocolat, and caraway seed bread. Caraway seed breads are quite typical in northern countries such as Germany, Austria, the Trentino region in Italy… You can find fully leavened bread as thick yet crispy flatbreads, which very much resemble knäckebröd. I simply love spices and flavoursome seeds of all kind and use them in both savoury and sweet dishes. But I had never tried to bake my own caraway seed bread. I have some memories of eating a caraway flavoured bread in Toronto, at Forno Cultura, but I’m not sure whether it had some coffee in the dough too, it might have. It’s nothing new, but it’s something simply too good to miss on. So I am proud and glad to present my own caraway bread for Maroggia’s Mill Cookbook. Try it with honey, you will be amazed at how the two flavours blend marvellously but make sure to savour it with a slice of good cured ham and a generous spread of mustard. Simply heavenly!

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Maroggia’s Mill Cookbook: Multigrain Pizza / Il Ricettario del Mulino di Maroggia: Pizza con farina 4 cereali

pizza 4 cereali 1

Pizza, oh my beloved pizza… Anyone who knows me well knows as well how much I love this dough and how hard I worked over the years to get perfect results. The funny thing is that I’m the queen of “neapolitan style” pizza while I can’t get proper results with the dish version.
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An Easter treat: Colomba / È quasi Pasqua! Colomba Giorilli dei Fables de Sucre

colomba giorilli-fables 1

It’s almost April, the time to test your baking skills with difficult doughs, the time for Colomba! I tried this recipe last year and I am very sad not to be able to replicate it this year too, due to a lack of time. This Colomba, the original recipe is by Giorilli and this it the re viewed by Fables de Sucre, is simply perfect. A fragrant cloud with a compact, soft, buttery and well developed dough. Scent of vanilla and citrus, perfectly balanced, blend very nicely with the buttery texture. My guinea pigs loved it! As with all very rich doughs, such as panettone, there are some basic rules. Continue reading / Continua a leggere…

Happy Birthday Ale!


Oggi non avrei dovuto postare qui, ma poi ho ricevuto un messaggio privato in Facebook da Flavia di Cuocicucidici  e non potevo certo negare il mio apporto alla affettuosa iniziativa che la redazione dell’MTC Challenge ha pensato per fare gli auguri di Buon Compleanno a lei, la boss dei boss, La Van Pelt. L’idea è quella di riproporre una ricetta dal blog di Alessandra o anche detta Van Pelt, e postarla tutti tra la notte del 26 e quella del 27. Purtroppo la comunicazione mi è arrivata un po’ tardi, avendo in programma vari impegni oltre il lavoro dipendente (sfortunatamente sabato ho lavorato) non ce l’ho fatta seppur ci abbia provato. Peccato mi sia scordata l’impasto fuori a temperatura ambiente, ritrovando un blob che aveva superato la lievitazione e per questioni mie di tempistica irrecuperabile. Quelli tra di voi che mi conoscono bene non saranno sorpresi nel sapere la ricetta che mi ero prefissata di proporre oggi: l’amata fugassa genovese. La ricetta di Alessandra è zeneise doc, che richiede largo uso dei polpastrelli per creare profondi occhi nell’impasto, ricoperta con salamoia e olio, croccante sopra e sofficissima dentro. Querlla che nel giro di un mese mi ha fatto mettere su un paio di chili, quando ho preso a frequentare assiduamente Genova e difficilmente resistivo al fascino conturbante di un rettangolo di focaccia DOC. Andate a spiarla, ne vale assolutamente la pena. Per quel che mi riguarda ne approfitto per mandare un grande abbraccio ad Alessandra, che da inizio anno si è trasferita a Singapore, e augurarle una splendida giornata di compleanno. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALE!

Maroggia’s Mill Cookbook: Trofie with Chestnut and pumpkin sauce / Il Ricettario del Mulino di Maroggia: Trofie alla salsa di castagne e zucca butternut

trofie mulino 1

It has been quite a while since the last time I posted a fresh pasta recipe for Maroggia’s Mill Cookbook. My choice fell on a classic of Genoese cuisine, trofie, which are accompanied with two typical ticinese ingredient, pumpkin/butternut squash and chestnuts. There’s nothing more autumnal than this, and considered the cold weather nothing better than a good seasonal dish to warm our hearts and bodies isn’t it? Continue reading / Continua a leggere…

Twelve Loaves June: Cherry and Beetroot Buns wrapped in Bacon / Twelve Loaves: Panini al latte con ciliegie e barbabietola avvolti in pancetta

panini ciliegie 1

With the start of a new month one of my favorite baking appointments, Twelve Loaves, comes too. What I like the most is when we choose an ingredient rather than a generic theme, such restrictions are always a good starting point to feed the imagination! Besides it’s too interesting to see how everyone interprets differently the monthly ingredient. For June, choice fell on cherries, a fruit that I love – a picture of me as a child testifies it, my face is completely plastered with juice and bears an unmistakable expression of satisfaction…”cherry thief”! – and for which it’s easy to fall into the temptation of baking a sweet bread.

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Crunchy Licorice Snails / Chioccioline croccanti alla liquirizia


It has been a while that I’ve been entertaining the idea of experimenting a little with basic grissini dough and some time ago, a morning before going off to work, I baked my first batch of grissini snails. Continue reading / Continua a leggere…

Maroggia’s Mill Cookbook


Aniseed, White Chocolate and Lime Zest Grissini

Beetroot, Orange and White Chocolate Muffins

Chocolate and Cherry Jam Cookies

Chocolate and Cinnamon Cake

Cream Biscuits with Saffron and Raisins

Dark Chocolate and Hazelnuts Milk Rolls

Madeleines with licorice and orange zest



Caramelized Pecans Ciabattas

Ciabatta, Maroggia’s Mill recipe

Emmer Knacker Brot with mixed seeds

Graham Flour Tin Loaf

Pizza with Zucchini, Lemon and Mint

Potato Focaccia

Savoury Muffins with Salami and Cheese

Semolina Flour Focaccia

Soft butter rolls with rye flour with quick hummus

Taralli Ticinesi with red Merlot wine and polenta breading



Pici with Luganega, Hazelnuts and Coffee Sauce

Trofie with Chestnut and pumpkin sauce