Oh all these excesses! Bread Thins against Sourdough waste / Oh tutti questi eccessi! Sfogliate di pane per combattere lo spreco di pasta madre

sfogliate pane 1¨

A mess, such a total mess I collected not 150 grams, not 300 grams but one kilo excess sourdough. These things happen when scheduling gets out of control, chaos grows and my excess sourdough jar fills up to the brim. What to do? Luckily bread thins are always there to save the day (and are quite appreciated by my guinea pigs). If you are like me, a waste hater that gets lost into too many projects this is the recipe for you. It does take some time but it has an addictive quality to it, once you start rolling out the dough you soon get into a state of trance. Try it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed by these super crisp crackers, far the best I have ever tasted and baked in my own house. You can flavor them as you please, in fact I did three different flavoring a for these batches. Are you ready to roll the bread thins? Continue reading / Continua a leggere…

Dried wild fennel leaves, Lemon and Pepper crackers / Sfogliate di pane al finocchietto, limone e pepe


Lately baking disasters have been the norm, the uneasy feeling of not doing it right, of not being focused. Yet another batch of grissinis gets burnt, the ciabatte do not rise as expected and every single recipe and experiments turns into drama. Not good. To get back on the track and to push myself I turn to the easiest solution to soothe the wounds to my confidence: online challenges and contests. When improvising too much I often lose concentration, having to participate to contests is another thing…there are deadlines and a recipe can turn out bad once, maybe twice. I started with a quick and easy recipe, because as always I put myself in the position of squeezing my urge of baking between chores and appointments. Renouncing is not an option. Continue reading / Continua a leggere…

Maroggia’s Mill Cookbook: Saffron and Chilli Bread Thins / Il Ricettario del Mulino di Maroggia: Sfoglie di pane allo zafferano e peperoncino

Crackers allo zafferano e peperoncino 1

Crack, crunch, crock! As I crunch through a bread thin the first thing coming up to my mind is the classic comic balloon words written in a bold uppercase font and the exclamation point, slightly bigger than the character as to give strength to the onomatopoeic sound. To me crunchy foods, especially if they are baked goods, are irresistible. Is it an ancient heritage we carry with us that drives us to go through entire packs of crunchy crisps and crumbly grissini?

After a quick glance at the blog I realized that along all these years I posted few recipes for crackers. Such a gap had to be filled as soon as possible, I thought to myself! It’s thanks to chilli and a brilliant intuition (which I admit was totally random as when opening the “Food Thesaurus” the first ingredient I came across was saffron) I baked these amazing bread thins. Without modesty I can say this recipe is among the best I ever made for the blog when it’s up to crackers and Maroggia’s Mill Cookbook.

These bread thins are quite spicy, so if you do not like spicy food but you still want to feel a slight tingling I recommend to halve the amount of chilli.

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MTC Challenge’s Chestnuts: Chestnut flour Ravioli, stuffed with walnuts and bread, topped with melted cheese / Le Castagne dell’MTC Challenge: Ravioli alla farina di castagne ripieni di noci e pane, con fonduta di formaggella ticinese

ravioli castagne cotti

And here I am, out of breath, red faced and perpetually late. Kind of funny, because this is not my usual self. Indeed, more than often I am the one standing at the meeting point staring nervously at the clock ten minutes in advance (In fact I was almost one hour in advance at the Migros contest!). But with the blog things work differently and last minute posts are the rule. Continue reading / Continua a leggere…

What a Daring Challenge! Sfogliatelle ricce / Che sfida ardita, le Sfogliatelle ricce per Daring Bakers!


Sandie of the lovely blog, Crumbs of Love, was our November hostess. Sandie challenged us to make a traditional Italian dessert, along with its American version – Sfogliatelle (or better known in the US – lobster tails!) The flakey, 1000 layers of super thin dough, shaped into a horn and filled with a scrumptious filling. Così buono!

Sfogliatelle ricce has always been one of my favourite sweet treats. Anything made out of layers, especially food, fascinates me. Like a surgeon I dissect mozzarella layer by layer, and do the same thing with Msemen, a moroccan bread a friend taught me to bake recently that will be surely included in the blog. Savouring sfogliatelle I’m used to gently pull one end to see at which extent the spiral will unravel before breaking. It’s a childish but irresistible way of savouring food. Continue reading / Continua a leggere…

Maroggia’s Mill Cookbook: Turmeric, Ginger and Black Pepper Crackers / Il Ricettario del Mulino di Maroggia: Crackers alla curcuma, zenzero e pepe nero

Cracker curcuma e zenzero 1

Sometimes they come back again. I can’t stay away from crunchy baked goods, they definitely have a hold on me! After having delighted you with my rye, toasted flour and thyme crackers, emmer knacker brot with mixed seeds, dried wild fennel leaves, lemon and pepper crackers, sourdough crackers and sourdough bread thins I think it’s about time to present you a new recipe Maroggia’s Mill Cookbook, this time using a part of pastry flour and shortening to favour crunchiness. They are simply irresistible! Turmeric gives them an intense and pleasant flavour while ginger adds a little freshness. Black pepper fits well anywhere adding a bit of a kick that is felt just at the end, giving these crackers a little extra. Enjoy these snacks along with an aperitif or during a study break (can’t think of the amount of crackers I did eat during my university days!). They are very easy to make and do not require much time so you have no excuse not to try them out for the next dinner or party you’ll be throwing at home!

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Whole Rye Flour and White Wine Taralli / Taralli alla segale rotta e vino bianco

Taralli 1

It has been quite a while since I last posted a recipe to use up sourdough leftovers, but once more my leftover jar lay in the fridge almost filled to the brim. What to do? Yes, we all do love bread thins, breadsticks and fritters but I wanted to bake something new. In the end inspiration came to me in guise of a tarallo. I still remember discovering taralli during the first year of Art School in Varese. Continue reading / Continua a leggere…



Ciambelline all’anice

Biscotti al cioccolato e marmellata di ciliegia

Biscotti alla panna con zafferano e uvette

Gingersnaps biscuits



Biscotti salati con nocciole e farina di grano saraceno

Chioccioline croccanti alla liquirizia

Crackers di farro tipo Knacker Brot con semi misti

Grissini all’anice, cioccolato bianco e scorza di lime

Grissini panati

Grissini di lievito madre e farina di nocciole

Sfogliate di pane al finocchietto, limone e pepe

Sfogliate di pane alla pasta madre

Taralli alla segale rotta e vino bianco

Taralli Ticinesi al Merlot rosso con panatura di polenta



Curd di Mele e Ribes



Dolci iraniani

Frittelle di mele allo zafferano e pepe nero

Marshmalllows allo zafferano e pistacchio

Mochi ripieni di azuki verdi

Onigiri dolci con marmellata di zucchine e “alga” di mela



Focaccia alla crema di carciofi, cavolo rosso e acciughe

Focaccia alle patate

Focaccia di frumento e farro con broccoli e porri

Focaccine con farina di semola

Pide, pizza turca

Pizza con zucchine, scorza di limone e menta



American Breakfast: Egg Benedict su e
English Muffin, Muffins alla zucca butternut e Smoothie di barbabietola e mandarino

Crumpets alla Farina Bona

English muffins al lievito madre e farina di saraceno

Johnnycakes al mais blu e semi di anice

Muffin salati con salame e formaggio nostrani

Muffin a sorpresa al cacao



Baguette al limone e aneto

Baguette allo zafferano, anice, cipolla caramellizzata e scorza d’arancio

Boulot ai semi misti e farina Graham

Ciabatta al grano saraceno (75% di idratazione)

Ciabatta con licoli 100% di idratazione

Ciabatta con licoli 100% perfezionata

Ciabatta del Ricettario del Mulino di Maroggia

Ciabatte alle noci pecan caramellate

Ciabatta al timo limonato e aglio

Ciabatta di Vittorio

Cazzottini con farina Senatore Cappelli e semolone


Epi di farina integrale e farina 00

Marguerite con farina integrale grezza e semi misti (fiore di pane)

Pagnotta con lievito madre, farina di grano saraceno, carote e porri

Pagnotta alla birra, cassis e cioccolato fondente

Pain Fendu

Pane arancia candita, anice e farina di mandorle

Pane al farro, farina integrale e germe di grano

Pane al farro-spelta, farina integrale e crusca di frumento, 88% idratazione

Pane al lievito madre con barbabietola, mandarino, fava tonka e vaniglia

Pane alla segale e avena spezzata

Pane alla Ticinese

Pane da strappare con zucchine, feta, miele e semi di sesamo

Pane in pentola

Pane in cassetta con farina Graham

Pane in cassetta con metodo Water Roux

Pane integrale con esuberi

Panini al basilico

Panini morbidi per Hot Dog

Saucisson con semi e segale

Treccia al burro



Angelica al burro di macadamia butter, miele e nocciole

Babà aromatizzato all’arancia con crema allo zafferano e pistacchi tritati

Babka al cioccolato

Banana Bread al lievito madre


Brioche alla liquirizia con farcitura alla fragola e cioccolato bianco

Chioccioline ai semi di papavero

Fiore d’autunno con castagne e zucca

Fiore di brioche al cioccolato bianco e pistacchio

Kolache al lievito naturale, farina di castagne e marmellata di cachi

Monkey bread con caramello al fleur de sel

Muffin di pane alla mela e cannella

Panini al latte con gocce di cioccolato fondente e nocciole delle Langhe

Saccottini morbidi ripieni di ribes



Corona dei Re Magi

Consigli per fare il panettone

Hot Cross Buns




Gozleme ripieni di crema di cavolo rapa, melanzana e parmigiano reggiano

Msemmen, pane piatto marcchino

Naan, pane piatto indiano

Piadina Menù



Mini Babà rustici

Coniglietti di pane al vapore ripieni di marmellata di azuki verdi 

Girelle di segale e semi di finocchio al chutney di arance sanguinelle e cipolle


Pain de beaucaire

Panini al basilico

Panini al latte con ciliegie e barbabietola avvolti in pancetta

Panini di farina di castagne, patate e noci

Panini di farina bona, patate e noci

Panini morbidi al burro e farina di segale con hummus veloce

Panini con patate dolci

Panini tigre al lievito madre

Rose di pane con patate e za’atar



Garganelli del riciclo pasquale e ragù alla mamma

Gnocchi di manioca e farina di riso con pesto di aglio orsino

Insalata di farro e melanzana speziata

Lasagna al grano saraceno, porri e scampi

Lasagna alla liquirizia, fegatini di pollo e porri

Latkes di verdure speziati

Pici con salsa alla luganega, nocciole e caffé

Ravioli alla farina di castagne ripieni di noci e pane, con fonduta di formaggella ticinese

Ravioli alla ricotta e zucchine con emulsione di olio evo, limone e finocchietto

Strudel salato alla zucca butternut, crema di manioca, pancetta e noci con besciamella al Roquefort

Tagliolini con farina di segale con emulsione di olio e salvia fresca

Testaroli con salsa alle mandorle

Trofie alla salsa di castagne e zucca butternut



Spezzatino di vitello al vino rosso e liquirizia



Bavarese al cioccolato bianco, arancia e cannella con farfalle di cioccolato fondente

Cheesecake di ricotta allo zenzero candito

Clafoutis ai ribes

Millefoglie parte I

Millefoglie parte II

Millefoglie parte III

Millefoglie parteIV

Millefoglie parte V

Millefoglie parte VI

Mincepies, dolci natalizi inglesi

Millefoglie perfetta con crema di pistacchio

Paris Brest

Tartellettes al sedano rapa, cardamomo e caramello al fleur del sel

Sfogliatelle ricce ripiene di ricotta



Il mio curry

La mia salsa di pomodoro



Baguette francese dolce

Cheesecake alla ricotta e more

Éclairs al cioccolato

Leicestershire curd tarts

Madeleines alla liquirizia e scorza d’arancia

Muffin alla barbabietola, arancia e cioccolato bianco

Muffin al cioccolato fondente, uvette e mandorle

Muffin al cioccolato fondente, cassis fresco, uvette e mandorle tostate

Muffin al cioccolato fondente, uvette, pistacchio e scorza d’arancia

Pastel de Tres Leches

Plumcake al cioccolato e arancia

Popovers alla farina di castagne e latte di riso

Mini Sachertorte

Smithy Loaf

Torta albero speziata

Torta al cioccolato e cannella

Tronchetto natalizio al panettone



Crostata salata di grano saraceno e nocciole con ripieno di broccoli e salsa di noci

Sformato speziato con cavolfiore

Soufflé ai gamberi, rapa bianca e scorza d’arancia rossa con salsa di liquirizia

Torta con fagiolini, sedano rapa e feta

Torta salata con verdure al curry



Crostata vegana al cioccolato fondente e arancia



Insalata di coste, barbabietola e feta




Aniseed biscuits

Chocolate and Cherry Jam Cookies

Cream Biscuits with Saffron and Raisins

Gingersnaps biscuits



Beetroot, tangerine, tonka bean and vanilla bread

Braided Butter Bread

Buckwheat, carrot and leek Autumn Loaf

Buckwheat ciabatta (approx 75% hydration)

Candied orange peel, aniseed and almond meal bread

Caramelized Pecans Ciabattas

Cast Iron Pot Bread 

Ciabatta, Maroggia’s Mill recipe

Ciabatta, my first recipe

Ciabatta, sourdough

Ciabatta, Vittorio’s recipe

Ciabattas with Garlic and Lemon Thyme

Cazzottini with Senatore Cappelli and thick semolina flour

Courgette, feta, honey and sesame seeds pull-apart bread


Dill and Lemon Baguette

Excess Sourdough Wholewheat Bread

Graham flour and mixed seeds Marguerite (bread flower)

Graham Flour Tin Loaf

Guinness beer, blackcurrant and dark chocolate bread

Mixed seeds and Graham flour Boulot 

Pain Fendu

Rye and Coarse Oat Loaf

Saffron, aniseed, caramelized onion and orange zest baguette

Seed and Rye Saucisson

Spelt, wholemeal bread, and wheat bran bread

Spelt, Semi-Whole Wheat, Buckwheat flour, Wheat Germ Sourdough Bread

Ticinese Bread

Tin loaf bread

Wholewheat and AP flour Epi



Bao Bunnies filled with Greeen Azuki

Cherry and Beetroot Buns wrapped in Bacon

Chestnut flour, Potato and Walnut bread rolls

Farina bona, Potato and Walnuts rolls

Hot dog buns


Pain de beaucaire

Potato and Za’atar bread roses

Rye and fennel seeds snails with blood oranges and red onion chutney

Rustic Mini Babà

Sweet potato bread rolls

Soft butter rolls with rye flour with quick hummus

Sourdough Tiger bread rolls



Beetroot, Orange and White Chocolate Muffins

Blackberries and ricotta cheesecake

Chestnut flour and Rice Milk Popovers

Chocolate and orange plumcake

Dark chocolate, raisins and almonds muffins

Dark chocolate, raisins, blackcurrants and roasted almonds muffins

Dark chocolate, raisins, pistachio and orange zest muffins

French toast baguette

Leicestershire curd tarts

Madeleines with licorice and orange zest

Mini Sachertorte

Panettone Yule Log

Pastel de Tres Leches

Smithy Loaf

Spiced Baumkuchen



Aniseed, White Chocolate and Lime Zest Grissini

Breadcrumb Grissini

Crunchy Licorice snails

Dried Wild Fennel leaves, Lemon and Pepper crackers

Emmer Knacker Brot with mixed seeds

Hazelnut Grissini

Hazelnut and Buckwheat flour savoury biscuits

Sourdough Bread Thins

Taralli Ticinesi with red Merlot wine and polenta breading

Whole Rye Flour and White Wine Taralli



Bavarian Cream with White Chocolate, Cinnamon and Orange and Dark Chocolate Butterflies

Chocolate Éclairs

Lobster Tails

Millefeuille part I

Millefeuille part II

Millefeuille part III

Millefeuille part IV

Millefeuille part V

Millefeuille part VI


Paris Brest

Perfect Pistachio Millefeuille

Red currant clafoutis

Ricotta and Candied Ginger Cheesecakes

White Chocolate, Cardamom and Fleur de Sel Caramel tartellettes



Hot Cross Buns

Panettone tips

Three King’s Bread

Venetian Easter Bread



Msemmen, Moroccan Bread

Naan Bread

Piadina Menù

Sourdough Gozleme with Kohlrabi, Aubergines and Parmesan Cheese



Pide (Turkish pizza)

Potato Focaccia

Semolina Flour Focaccia

Sourdough Focaccia with Pickled Artichokes, Red Cabbage and Anchovies

Pizza with Zucchini, Lemon and Mint



Buckwheat, Leek and Scampi Lasagna / Lasagna al grano saraceno, porri e scampi

Cassava gnocchi with Wild Garlic Pesto

Chestnut flour Ravioli, stuffed with walnuts and bread, topped with melted cheese

Garganelli and Ragù alla Mamma

Licorice Lasagna with Chicken Liver and Leeks

Pici with Luganega, Hazelnuts and Coffee Sauce

Ravioli with ricotta and zucchini with olive oil, lemon and wild fennel emulsion

Rye Tagliolini with Oil and Sage Emulsion

Savoury strudel with Butternut squash, creamed Cassava, Bacon and Walnuts with Roquefort cheese Béchamel

Spelt and spicy eggplant salad

Testaroli with almond sauce

Trofie with Chestnut and pumpkin sauce

Wheat and Emmer Focaccia with Leeks and Broccoli

Vegetables and Spices Latkes



Licorice and Red Wine Veal Stew



My curry sauce

My tomato sauce



American Breakfast: Egg Benedict on english muffin, Butternut Squash Muffins and Beetroot-Tangerine Smoothie

Aniseed flavoured Blue Corn Johnnycakes

Buckwheat Sourdough English Muffins

Chestnut flour and Rice Milk Popovers

Cocoa surprise muffins

Farina Bona Crumpets

Savoury Muffins with Salami and Cheese



Curried vegetables double crust pot pie

Buckwheat and Hazelnut flour Pie with Broccoli and Walnut filling

Green Beans, Celeriac and Feta Tart

Shrimp, Turnip and Redo Oranges zest Soufflé with Licorice sauce

Spiced cauliflower flan



Apple and cinnamon pull apart bread muffins

Autumn Brioche Flower with Chestnut and Butternut Squash

Orange flavored Babà with saffron cream and pistachios


Chocolate Babka

Dark Chocolate and Hazelnuts Milk Rolls

Kolache with Chestnut Flour and Persimmon Jam

Licorice, Strawberries and White Chocolate Babka

Macadamia butter, honey and hazelnut wreath

Monkey Bread with Fleur de Sel Caramel topping

Poppy seed snails

Red Berries Soft Buns

Sourdough Banana Bread

White Chocolate and Pistachio Flower Brioche



Apple & Red Berries Curd



Green Adzuki filled Mochi

Iranian sweets

Saffron and Pistachio Marshmallows

Sourdough, Saffron and Black Pepper Apple Fritters

Sweet Onigiri filled with Courgette Jam wrapped in Apple “seaweed”



Chocolate Orange and  Hazelnut Vegan Tart



Beetroot and Feta Salad